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FortiClient Free Antivirus Review 2020

FortiClient is a product of Fortinet company, which is well-known for the enterprise security tool FortiGate made by the same company. One of the main purposes of the FortiClient is to let you connect your workplace FortiGate Firewall through a secure VPN connection. FortiClient version 6.0 is entirely free for the end-users. Although the FortiClient tool is designed to be used within an Enterprise Management Server (EMS) which provides centrally managed networked antivirus protection to endpoints and it also works as a standalone solution. There is no doubt FortiClient is designed and capable of providing quality of protection.

FortiClient Features:

FortiClient has 6 major button Compliance & Telemetry, Malware Protection, Web Security, Vulnerability Scan, Remote Access, and setting. Each button has its own feature and set of options to configure.

Compliance & Telemetry:

This is an Enterprise Management Server ( EMS ) a central management console for FortiClient which can only be available on a FortiGate device. Using this EMS feature Fortinet let you manage the FortiClient device with the following 5 options:

  • Configure, deploy and manage FortiClient
  • Endpoint integration with the Security Fabric
  • Vulnerability scanning with patching
  • Software Inventory
  • Threat summary, alert, and notification.

When FortiClient Telemetry is set to configure to connected a FortiGate device, FortiClient downloads a profile from FortiGate. The profile contains the compliance rules and optionally some configuration information for FortiClient, depending on the Non-compliance action setting in the profile.

Malware Protection:

FortiClient has Realtime-protection against file-based malware & attack communication channels. Additionally, it includes AntiVirus Protection, AnitExploit, Sandbox Detection, and Removable Media Protection.

Web Security:

FortiClient has the same configuration option which Fortinet provides in its FortiGate Firewall device. Web Security let you configure your own set of option to enable or disable a particular web category.

Vulnerability Scan:

FortiClient includes a Vulnerability Scan component to check endpoints for known vulnerabilities. The vulnerability scan results can include:

  • List of vulnerabilities detected
  • How many detected vulnerabilities are rated as critical, high, medium, or low threats
  • Links to more information, including links to the FortiGuard Center
  • One-click link to install patches and resolve as many identified vulnerabilities as possible
  • List of patches that require manual installation to resolve vulnerabilities

FortiClient can detect known vulnerabilities for many software.

Remote Access:

Remote Access is one of the main propose of FortiClient. Here you can configure and connect your FortiGate Firewall device. Using this feature FortiClient connects your device securely to your office network and enables you to access your work files.


FortiClient Setting page has various options and lets you configure your device as per your need. Here you can enable or disable any features you feel not to have or must have it. It even let you have a backup of the FortiClient configuration which later you can restore it to the same or any devices.

Supported Devices:

FortiClient Application is available to the below list of the device:

If you’re in search of an excellent endpoint security software, choose FortiClient Endpoint Protection. FortiClient is an entire endpoint protection platform comprising multiple security technologies, just like the anti-virus, HIPS, web filtering, personal firewall, etc.