Dave Finds

How to create a snapshot for azure managed disk

What is an azure snapshot?

Azure snapshot is a full, read-only copy of a virtual hard drive (VHD). You can take a snapshot of an OS disk or a data disk VHD and use it as a backup. Azure snapshot is very helpful to troubleshoot virtual machine (VM) issues. Using the snapshot feature you can quickly duplicate an azure VM. If you are planning to use the snapshot to create a new VM, make sure you deallocate the VM before taking a snapshot, to clear out any processes that are in progress.

To create a snapshot, complete the following steps:

Step 1: Select the source VM

Log in to your azure portal with your username and credential and go to the VM which you are planning to take a snapshot.

Make sure the VM status is Stopped (deallocated)

Step 2: Select the VM disk

On the left side option, click the Disks button and select the disk name as shown in the below image:

Step 3: Create a snapshot for the managed disk

By clicking the disk name on the VM page you will be redirected to the Disk overview page. Here on the top, you can see the option Create a snapshot. Now click the snapshot button.

Step 4: Select the destination resource group and storage type

By clicking the Create a snapshot button, now you will be redirected to the snapshot creation process. As shown in the below image select the existing resource group or create a new resource group by clicking the Create new button.

Give you a short instance name for the snapshot.

Select the snapshot type as Full and select the storage type as Standard HDD.

Step 5: Select the disk encryption type

If you want to change the Encryption type from (Default) Encryption at-rest with a platform-managed key to Encrption at-rest with a customer-managed key.


Step 6: Select Networking connectivity method

Leave this setting as it is and press the next button.


Step 7: Give a tag name (Optional)

If you using tagging then give a tag for this snapshot else just click Next.


Step 8: Review and create a snapshot

If you see the Validation passed message on the top of the screen, you are ready to create the snapshot now you have to just press the Create button at the end.

That’s it, you have successfully created a snapshot for the azure disk.