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How to Recreate a Windows 10 User Profile properly

If you are using Windows 10 you have to upgrade your OS version very often or at least once a year due to the Microsoft recommendation to stay up to date and get all the features and fix from Microsoft to protect your Windows 10 device from all kinds of dangers.

In some situations when you delete your existing profile and recreate a new one you will be logged as a temporary profile. With a temporary profile, all the data you store and access will be removed after signout. A temporary profile is one of the most annoying problems faced by system admin around the globe.

So, If needed to recreate a new user profile for the same user on the same device. You have to follow a small procedure to go to this process smoothly. You may find the below problem if you recreate a user profile for the same users on the same device.

  1. Some of the Windows 10 Apps will not work. i.e Calculator, Photos, Store, etc.,
  2. You will be logged with a temporary user profile.

How to Recreate a Windows 10 User Profile properly:

Step 1: Rename the existing user profile

Yes, we are renaming the existing user profile instead of deleting it. Because you may face any one of the above problems on your new user profile. If you already deleted it then you have no way to solve those errors and will be forced to clean install your Windows 10 OS.

Go to: C:\Users on your PC and rename the existing profile with something like in the end .old.

For example, please check the below image, here I am changing one of my user profile from Nihal to Nihal.old

Step 2: Rename the registry file for the existing user profile

Open registry editor on your device by pressing WinKey+R and type regedit


Open the registry editor and go to the below location:

Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList

Search for the username you are trying to recreate as shown in the below image and add .old to the profile list.

Step 3: Now login again with the same username.

Now you have successfully, edited your previous user profile. When you log in again with the same username and credentials you will be logged in with a new user profile. This is the proper process to recreate a new user profile for the existing user in Windows 10.

For some reason, if you find out the new user profile is not working then you can delete the newly created user profile and rename the previous one by removing .old.