Dave Finds

How to Remove Quick Access Feature in Windows 10

For some reason If you want to remove Quick Access from your Windows 10 file explorer or if you are annoyed with this feature. But the thing is you cannot disable or hide it easily in Windows 10. You have to use the registry editor to do this. In this blog, I will show you how you can remove the Quick Access bar in your Windows 10 device completely.

Step 1: Open Registry Editor


Press WinKey+R on your keyboard and type registry in the Run window.

Step 2: Navigate Registry Folders

On the registry editor go to:


Step 3: Create New Registry Entry

Select the Explorer folder is selected on the left pane, right-click in the right pane, and select new > DWORD. Set the name to HubMode and change its value to 1 as shown in the above image.

Step 4: Open File Explorer and Test

Close the registry editor and open a new File Explorer to see if Quick Access is still accessible in the left pane of your screen. If you still see the quick access bar on the left pane of your file explorer, then check the spelling and location of the registry entry and adjust as necessary.