Dave Finds

Why Cloud Storage is Growing in Use and Popularity?

Cloud storage is no new. In fact, in modern times with the use of the Internet, it has been around us for about 15 years. However, people took some time to understand it and then to leverage its potential. Little by little, the sudden availability of the space boosted the imagination and creativity of designers, engineers, and professionals in many fields.

It became the solution to allow them to go further to create new IT proposals. Due to all that, we are now in the middle of a wave that keeps growing every day. Here is what is really happening in the world, making it grow in use and popularity.

Good for businesses and individuals

Both businesses and individuals have access to use cloud storage to obtain all its benefits. Some pioneers like Google and Apple made a smart move by offering free storage capacity for individuals with a subscription to their services. People soon started to use it and leverage it. Nowadays, small businesses use this tool to launch their business and keep using it as they grow.

On the other hand, big companies have the option to use the cloud service to store enormous amounts of data. At the same time, they can offer storage space for their employees. Hence, everyone, no matter the work or personal condition, can access the service.

Proliferation of Apps and tools

As people realized the potential of cloud storage, they felt entitled to create more freely new apps and tools. After all, there would plenty of space to store all the content and there are no limitations on creativity.

Hence, besides the storage capacity available for individual and regular business, you can now find thousands of apps with proposals to improve life and work. For instance, we can see sales and marketing apps like Salesforce, work boards like Trello, many apps for health and well being, and so on.

Flexibility and collaboration for remote and mobile workers

We entered the age of mobile workers and the home office. And without a doubt, cloud storage is one of the reasons why this model is being so successful. It doesn´t matter where you are or where you go, the information you work on is always available.

On the other hand, employers can easily delegate tasks and workloads all over the world too. Thus, it is convenient for both sides of the working equation.
When we look to collaboration, we can see how the cloud offers some tools to allow its users to collaborate in real-time environments. People can exchange files instantaneously and speed up their work and become more efficient.


Cloud storage is growing in popularity due to its current benefits. And, cloud service providers are still working hard to improve its features and increase the benefits. Most importantly, people still have a lot more to create and develop now that they have an increased storage capacity. Hence, we can expect even more growth as it advances.

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